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A blush with a stick- twist-up format.
A size suitable to travel beauty, for a perfect make up for each occasion .
Its melting thin texture can be easily applied on the skin to reveal a delicate velvety finish, to be intensified in order to create a Bonne Mine effect.
Soft focus microspheres give a tridimensional effect to obtain an elegant and precise Contouring
Enriched with Vitamines  E and A for an elastic and healthy skin, it is equipped with a Filler complex that together with the vitamines make of this product a partner in beauty .

Finish Matt /Shiny, Velvety result , Vitamine E, Vitamine A

Soft focus microspheres, Paraben Free, Filler Complex 

The application of this blush is very easy and immediate. If you perform a circling movement on your cheeks, you will obtain a Bonne mine result ; if you shade it below the cheekbone you will obtain a perfect contouring effect.  

Bellaoggi (Italian Cosmetics), brings you into its world to let your discover and re-discover the pleasure to be yourself. The pleasure to be woman, the pleasure to be bella with just a few and simple gestures. Since antique times, women use make up as a way to express their own beauty at the best, to express sensuality, fascination, happiness, elegance; to be observed by other persons. The woman, during the years, has been able to harmonize the make up with her own skin tones, of her hair colour, of her eyes; has been able to underline the best parts of her face, hiding the imperfections.

Oggi, to put on make up has become a natural gesture, of daily routine. Oggi, make up is not about ‘appearing’ anymore, it is about who we are. What appears to be ‘make up’ on the outside, is the essence of the woman who chooses that look, her personal beauty message.

The Bellaoggi woman does not fear to be herself, is not afraid to be sensual during daily life, or also during ‘glam’ moments. The Pleasure to be for the Bellaoggi woman consists in the pleasure of appearing beautiful in every moment of the day, in the pleasure to have fun using make up, the pleasure to obtain a practical result with functional products, the pleasure to dare with fashion products, the pleasure to be watched, not only for a glimpse.


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