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Type:          Fashion Nail
Material:     Self-adhesive sticker
Color:         Golden
Quantity:    1 roll (500 pcs)

Professional nail forms for Acrylic UV Gel nail extensions. Nail forms with self-adhesive sticker. Golden color, looks beautiful and fashion. Easy to use, convenient to take off. There are length and numbers marked on each nail form which can provide an accurate guide for making your pretty nails. Perfect for professional nail art use or home use. 

 Step 1 – Remove the centre piece from the nail form.

Step 2 – Now reattach this centre piece to the adhesive inner surface of the nail form. This keeps the form from sticking to the bottom side of the nail.

Step 3 – Bend the form over slightly in order to make it match the nail's curvature.

Step 4 – Now, tear the perforations at the top edge of the form as pictured above. 

Step 5 – Next, fit the criss-cross edge of the form under the nail surface. Make sure to use two hands for this if you can. 

Step 6 – Make sure that the nail form is snug and centred in place. 

Step 7 – Now press together the inside edges of the form until they stick together. 

Step 8 – Just to be sure, make a small cut at the corner and bend it back so that you know the form is securely in place. 

Step 9 – Make sure once again that the curve of the form is straight and matches the curvature of the nail. 

Step 10 – Now secure the entire form in place by folding down the loose edges over the finger. 

Step 11 – That's it! You are now ready to begin work on your sculpted overlay. 


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