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• Cleans deeply and beautifies your complexion in a single treatment.
• It creates a beauty atmosphere while you sleep.
• A cloud of gentle, controlled vapor deep cleans pores, increases circulation and improves shin tone in a one-step 15-minute treatment.
• Warm vapor penetrates deeply to soften and dissolve surface impurities, opens the pores and induces a natural flow of perspiration to gently deep cleanse the skin.
• At the same time, the controlled heat helps relax facial muscles and stimulates circulation, thereby nourishing the skin from within and giving a healthy natural glow to the complexion.

Transform your skin in  4 glowing steps.

- Extreme-clean skin, pore-deep, with a warm steam facial sauna. 
-It opens pores, cleanses them inside and out.  It exfoliate skin and helps to brighten complexion. 
- Close pores by rinsing skin with cool water. 
-Moisturize with your favorite facial cream.


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